Trying to find the perfect spot for your engagement or portrait session in the Bellingham area? This guide includes 10 of my all time favorites and everything you could need to know about them, all of which are no extra charge when you book with me!

While this list looks similar to my list of best places to elope in northern Washington, this is even more specific to session locations 

1. Larrabee State Park


From Bellingham - 12 min + 5 min walk

Larrabee State Park is a gorgeous park right on the bay with many options for a huge variety in your session photos. If you're looking for a spot to get some amazing golden hour light, beautiful forests and waterfront views, this west-facing beach would be beautiful. It's about a 5 minute walk along rocky paths to get down to some of the more scenic spots. With the variety of spots and great sunset views, you would not be disappointed with having your session here!

Hovander Homestead Park


From Bellingham - 16 min

Just a short drive north of Bellingham, this park will 

Marine Park


From Bellingham - 10 min

Another great park for sunset views and golden hour lighting. It's accessible as there's not a hike or a very far walk. There's a grassy field overlooking the beach or just a few more steps could take you right to the waterfront. This park is smaller than Larrabee so it has the potential to get a little more crowded, especially on the weekends. But this is a popular location for clients so I know all the secret spots to capture the best photos just for you!