Molly and Bryan eloped on a beautifully sunny and crisp January afternoon (pretty rare in Washington!) This sweet backyard elopement will always have such a special place in my heart, as Molly and I became friends through our major at Western, and it was the first wedding I ever shot! I'm forever grateful for people like Molly and Bryan who took a chance on me.

They had so many cute little details around their little AirBnb apartment that made their afternoon so special and unique to the two of them.

There were beautiful trails around the house that we explored for some photos of the two of them. They are so sweet and the love between them is so evident!

Molly + Bryan got married under a huge tree in the backyard by a friend of theirs. It was a short and sweet ceremony, and they FaceTimed Molly's parents in who couldn't travel to be there that day. So much love and laugher emanated from everyone there!

Molly's main idea for the day was "nothing fancy, just love." I drew up a chalkboard sign for her, including their names and wedding date, for added decor at their elopement.

I love when elopement crews are small enough that we can get an entire group photo! We got many sweet photos with individual family members as well.

Intimate post ceremony celebrations are my favorite!

Getting to pull the bride and groom aside for some photos is my favorite. It allows them to embrace the day and take some moments away from everything to enjoy their special day.

They signed the marriage certificate on the couch of their AirBnb with their friends as witnesses with them.

The sweetest day that I am forever thankful I got to be a part of!