I could give you all kinds of tips and tricks for wedding planning, preparation, how to choosing vendors, etc, but when it comes down to it, my knowledge is limited. I'll admit it! I haven't planned a wedding. I can offer professional advice and tell you how your wedding day will flow smoothly from a photographer's perspective and tell you things about planning that I've learned through research, but I wanted to do something MORE.
I've complied advice from women who have BEEN IN YOUR SHOES and have planned BEAUTIFUL weddings. What better resource to learn from than them?? Here's what brides are saying they wished they knew during the planning stages.
"Choose someone you truly trust, connect with or know has your vision for your wedding at heart. Don't go for the cheapest or who someone recommends adamantly unless they are right for you and can understand what you want for your wedding."
- Sarah Christopherson
"Do your research, be selective but also try to remember that no vendor is going to have a perfect track record. Make sure you have clear communication and a clear vision of what you want before booking vendors. Set a budget with your partner before even reaching out to vendors. Book your venue first! This will help when receiving availability from other vendors."
- Jess Grupe