I could give you all kinds of tips and tricks for wedding planning, preparation, how to choosing vendors, etc, but when it comes down to it, my knowledge is limited. I'll admit it! I haven't planned a wedding. I can offer professional advice and tell you how your wedding day will flow smoothly from a photographer's perspective and tell you things about planning that I've learned through research, but I wanted to do something MORE.
I've complied advice from women who have BEEN IN YOUR SHOES and have planned BEAUTIFUL weddings. What better resource to learn from than them?? Here's what brides are saying they wish they could go back in time and tell themselves day-of.
"Drink water, eat a little something but don't force yourself. Make sure you have clear communication with everyone that's involved on your wedding day! Have a timeline for them and a vendor arrival time line. Don't be afraid to delegate or be a part of setting up as much as you want! Things will probably go wrong and that's okay. Remember it's about a marriage and not a wedding."
- Jess Grupe
"Try to plan your day with as little responsibilities for yourself as possible. Pass along as much of the day-of stuff, schedule, knowledge to someone type A, who you trust and rest in knowing they've got your back. Even consider doing a groom and bride reveal before the ceremony for just the two of you and the photographer so the moment is private but still captured. Then you can get a lot of the bride, groom, wedding party photos out of the way before the ceremony and you can just enjoy the wedding and reception with more time and less things you have to focus on.

Surround yourself with people in your wedding party and in the wedding with people who will keep you present in the moment. That will help you enjoy your special day."

- Sarah Christopherson